The Lady Isadora


Known As: Isadora Astra
Species:Inugami Half-breed

Age: appears 25
Hair color: blonde
Eye color: deep blue, sea blue burst
Height: 5'6"
Weight: 145lbs
Gender: Female


After finding Tutorial and developing quite the fondness for the male the vixen pledged her devotion to him. She had also agreed to cover and then. Being given a dress the demon could not help but to alter it only slightly to accommodate her taste. The lady was a sight; sometimes it is truly what you don't see that makes you stare. Her long blonde locks french braided to one side laying over the nape of her neck. Her pearls were loose and looped twice around her neck still a trinket she could never part with.

The lofty collar of the vixens garment was red with white trimmed. It was poised behind her and rising up to the base of her ears. It was decorated with a delicate red tribal design. The collar was attached to lovely gathered red fabric of the rather interesting dress that looked just as soft as her skin. The dress clung to her breasts and stomach before becoming loose at her hips falling just past her knees. Generous slits ran up both sides of the dress. They were trimmed in white and held together by gold fasteners every inch or so, buckling the fabric together all the way up to her bust. Her raiment gave one a peek at the lovely skin of the creature. The dress fit perfectly, even that luxurious tail of hers fit comfortably though a tailored hole just above her rump. 

Her usual attire (bring nude) made her accustom to such glances but despite the way she carried herself the vixen was mostly sweet and kindhearted with a voice like that was warm and sweet like honey. Knee high boots covered her feet and calves. The front coming to a point just at her knee decorated with similar tribal markings as the collar.




The lovely Inugami Half-breed had luxurious naturally tanned, soft skin. Her deep blue eyes quickly catching your attention, as they look about the room. You find a moment to take her all in as she continued to look around. You notice almost immediately that she was mostly naked. Except for a small amount of fur covering her womanhood, and a beautiful fluffy tail swaying slowly behind her.

Your eyes wander back up her toned thighs and her flat stomach. You notice your eyes follow her ample curves as you glance at her breasts. A long strand of pearls was most often looped around her bare neck resting on her chest between her breasts.

Connecting the large strand of pearls is a small round tag with no inscription, that shined as it caught the light She returned your awed glance with a smirk as she notices you looking her over. As she began walking away slowly you see her wavy pale blonde locks, went to the middle of her neck exposing the polished tag, which only made you wonder how hard this one would be to catch


Important to note:

Mated to: Her one and only, Tutorial

Best friends; The Wonderful, Sneeze and The Eternally lovely, Scamps.
Lo'; Tutorial, Scamps, Sne, Creed, Seffar, Tucker, Bello, Rosca, Spearmint, Bong, Aids, Nythe.

Health: 100%
Injuries: None

Current Residence: Starlight Escape, The Catnip Lounge, The Golden Tether, or Home.

Likes; Snuggling, things that are red, purple or blue, being surrounded by good people, the warmth of a fire, cookies, the smell of rain, being nude, flowers, being outdoors, reading and music.

Dislikes;  Dishonesty, pervs, meanies, uncleanliness, and spiders.



















































What is an Inugami?

In Japanese mythology an inugami (犬神, lit. "dog god") is a type of shikigami (式神), similar to a familiar spirit, resembling, and usually originating from, a dog, and most commonly carrying out vengeance or acting as guardians on behalf of the inugami-mochi, or "inugami owner". Inugami are extremely powerful and capable of existing independently, as well as turning on their "owners" and even possessing humans.

As in most cultures, the dog is viewed in Japan as a kind, bold, and nimble companion, who is ferocious toward its master's enemies. In Japanese folklore, dogs themselves are regarded as magical beings; one legend states that the dog could once talk, but lost the ability. The indigenous Ainu people of Hokkaidō consider the dog a wily, dangerous and somewhat human animal.

-- A specific legend states that an old woman who desired revenge against an enemy buried her treasured dog in the ground with only its head sticking out, and said "If you have a soul, do my will and I will worship you as a god." She then sawed the dog's head off with a bamboo saw (which would have been extremely painful), releasing the dog's spirit as an inugami. The spirit did as she wished, but in return for its painful death it haunted the old woman.--

In the Oki Islands, the inugami takes on the function that the kitsune (fox) holds in many other regions of Japan. It is believed that an inugami-mochi will be blessed with great fortune and success, and that favors granted by them will be returned with interest. However, in exchange the inugami-mochi are shunned by other people, and find it hard to get married; they must also be careful not to offend their inugami lest they receive its wrath, as unlike the kitsune, an inugami does not merely follow its master's wishes, but also acts on its own impulses.

Many small villages in Japan are considered to have at least one person with the power of the inugami-mochi.